KS Fitness

Identity & Website

KS Fitness is a thriving personal training operation based in Romford. Its director Kev Selley hired Web Workshop to bring his business’s offering to a wider audience and to promote its online training options.



KS Fitness’s day-to-day business and personality is high-intensity. It was clear that its online identity would need to make an impact. The KS Fitness logo was conceived to rely entirely on positive and negative space, allowing it to be ‘stamped’ onto almost any background.

To complete the business-wide visual identy, a strong, primary-colour palette was teamed with a super-bold, modern typeface, frequently deployed in all-caps. Action-shot imagery, as well as client transformation before-after photographs, were put at the centre of the design for the website so that KS Fitness’s foci could be clearly set out. Strong calls to action provide website visitors with well-defined next steps.


Maximising Control.

Most effective websites are regularly updated and constantly grow and evolve. Many small business owners underestimate the value of regular updates, but not Kev Selley. KS Fitness’s head trainer is a prolific content producer. As such, it was crucial that the website provide him with a high degree of control over text, images and video.

A comprehensive, user-friendly content management system, powered by DatoCMS, was integrated with a robust static site generator, Netlify. This allows Kev the freedom to do what he does best — motivate, inspire and inform those looking to get the best out of themselves — whilst offering superb load times and availability.